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08.11.2017 2,831 12
The Benefits of IPMI for your dedicated server
IPMI is something very convenient for every user of a dedicated server. It simplifies the interaction with your server. But what is IPMI? IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is an ...
27.10.2017 2,689 10
The future of cloud computing
Not so long ago, a cloud was just an object in the sky. Whilst people predicted big technological advances, they weren’t expecting them to happen at such a fast pace. Now, we are witnessing a big migr ...
29.09.2017 1,999 3
How to Protect My Business from Cyber Attacks?
Massive ransomware outbreaks swept the globe the past few months affecting critical institutions and businesses around the world. It’s important to understand how this type of cyber attack work ...