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17.08.2022 59 0
This is Killing Every CPU and there is no way to avoid it
Nowadays, processors are in almost everything. Not only inside computers but also inside your IoT (Internet of Things) devices, mobiles, cars, all sorts of electronics, and so much more. They are gett ...
10.08.2022 40 0
Worries about recession are rising; will it affect the cloud industry?
It’s safe to say that the new decade started in a very unpleasant way for the world. Crisis after crisis tormenting the world leading to a logical worry for a global economic slowdown and possibly eve ...
03.08.2022 2,139 0
What is Big Data?
Our modern way of living has driven us to a digital revolution. We barely note something on a piece of paper. We rather do it on our mobiles or computers and share it with multiple people who can also ...