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For most of us, the internet is what we can see in Google. If something can’t be found there, it does not exist. However, in reality there are plenty of websites that offer various legal or illegal services. To access them you will need to know the exact URL or IP address and most of them have extra security with passwords or encryption. For the worse part of the Deep Web also known as the Dark Web, you will need a particular web browser named Tor.

So, what is the point of having a website that is not easily accessible?

If the page is hard to access it will be difficult to regulate it too. It means that it can be an unregulated market for goods and services that would normally be hard or impossible to sell.

Drugs. People buy illegal drugs like cannabis, cocaine and other. They usually use cryptocurrency. The process can be dangerous, especially if it involves delivery in person.

Weapons. Criminals often buy guns with hidden numbers and no registration through the Dark Web (part of the Deep Web).

Sex services. Prostitution has not been legalized in many countries yet, so there are hidden services.

Hacking services. Companies can use a hacker to attack the competition in different ways like getting their passwords, bringing down their system, buying traffic for DDoS attacks and more. All of these activities are illegal.

Pornography. The Internet is full of it, and the Deep Web is not an exception. The worse part is that in it, the regulation is less and there might be strongly disturbing materials.

Databases. There’s plenty of personal data for sale. A lot of financial data from companies. Industrial reports and more.

There are few, less harmful uses of the Deep Web.

Many people use it for communication. There are still many countries, where the freedom of speech is not guaranteed. There it can serve as a democratic tool.

Another way of using it is to offer freelance services. The hidden pages are less trustful, but there you can get paid in cryptocurrencies, and nobody will ever know that you earn something. That means no taxes!

And a third interesting thing is the market of medicine. People use it to buy drugs that they might be ashamed to buy in a pharmacy like Viagra or The Morning After Pill.

How to access the Deep Web?

(Disclaimer – does not recommend you to visit any site on the Deep Web. Visiting such websites can damage your device, and it might be illegal in your country)

If you have been following up until now, you already know that the Deep Web is a dangerous place. Before you start, you should get prepared.

Install a reliable antivirus program. Be sure it is active. Use a VPN software too. For extra safety, cover your camera and microphone. Later when you are browsing pages in the Deep Web, don’t click on sketchy links. We know that It might be hard to distinguish which are safe and which are not but try to follow your instincts. Just like on the regular Internet, there are plenty of people who want to phish your data.

So, now that you are safe, you can access the Deep Web through the Tor browser. There you can write the IP address or the URL of the site you want to visit. If you don’t know where to start, you can use the Torch searching engine which has indexed more than a million hidden pages. Another option is the DuckDuckGo browser. A third browser option is the notEvil which even has an ad blocker.

Popular Deep Web sites.

The Silk Road. It is a marketplace for various illegal products like drugs.

ProPublica – a media website. It is actually not a bad news site where you can see different opinions from the traditional media.

Facebookcorewwwi.onion It is what you expect, a Facebook, but for the countries where it is unavailable.

Sci-Hub. Science database where you can find a lot of useful information. More than 50 million research papers!

Bankers and Co. – financial service for laundering money. Yes, even this is possible there.

There are plenty more websites in the Deep Web. In fact, this part of the Internet is most probably more than 90% of the whole internet. Should you visit it? No, even if it is big and luring, you won’t miss anything vital. You’d better use the open and safer part of the Internet and stay away from the illegality of the Deep Web.

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