Tech must-haves of every startup

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So you and your team have a great idea. A new revolutionary application that will change the lives of everyone forever. You have already formed a team and defined roles. You have a business plan and a lot of motivation. But have you thought about your tech needs in depth? What do you need to have to develop and bring your idea to the market?


To develop your incredible idea, you will first need the proper environment. Servers which support your needs, have enough power, can be used for testing and are secure.

As a new company with a small to medium budget you are better off without the big cloud service providers – Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. They could get very expensive, very quickly. Check other options like cloud servers or dedicated servers. Both are excellent. If you choose the cloud, you can adjust your needs faster. If you choose the dedicated server, you have better control.


You will need software for your servers and for your personal computers. The first big question is, are you going for free open-sourced software or are you willing to pay? Windows can be replaced with various Linux distributions for free. You can find high-quality alternatives to almost any program now. Just google the program you want to use and add “free alternative”. For example, “Adobe Photoshop free alternative” provides you with the search result – GIMP, a very competitive application. You can also find many subscriptions for applications that will be lighter on your budget.


Depending on your needs, you might have enough storage with your plan, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra backup in your office. One very practical solution is the NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. It is a data server that is connected to your network and accessible from various devices. NAS is easy to set up and can be configured in different RAID for faster service or better protection.


You will need a secure and reliable application for all your team members. One very good option is Skype for business. It can be intergrated with Microsoft services. If you don’t like Microsoft so much, you can go with Slack. It is a cloud-based collaboration tool that you can access straight from your browser. You can directly message people or organize channels and group messages.

So consider all of these points. They are essential for the correct workflow of your startup. Plan wisely, choose the right options and create the best app that people have ever seen!

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