Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, you wonderful readers!

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You can have many things ON a CLOUD:

egg on a cloud
a drink
and coffee…

BUT with Cloudware services and our blog you will always get a constant high quality!

Cloudware will always provide you with high secured & high-performed clouds, with SLA, with brilliant support and much more….

Cloudware BLOG will always post authentic, practical oriented articles on hot tech topics.

That is why …

Thank you for …

-	reading our blog posts
-	being active and always put comments down below
-	supporting us in social media

Our blog is going on a two-weeks’ vacation. Expect the next blog post on 6th of January 2021!

Have one 2021 full of high-tech gadgets, cloud space and lots of security in all levels.

Have one 2021 full of real, healthy people, with lots of smiles and laughter.

See you in 2021!

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