10 best free apps for Windows 10 that will make your life easier

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There is an ocean of free apps for Windows out there, but it is not easy to find good ones. Here’s a list of 10 pearls, really great apps that will facilitate your work.

Mozilla Thunderbird – email client


It is really hard to find an email client that can handle multiple accounts and that is 100% free. Mozilla Thunderbird has plenty of goodies. It is secure, has an RSS feed reader, tabs, filters, phishing protection, and many add-ons. One nice feature is the additional chats that you can use through it, like the Facebook one.

Video LAN – media player


Have you ever had a problem opening a video or an audio file? Or maybe you couldn’t stream? Try VLC. It is a great free app that can play almost every modern video and audio format. It can be used for streaming too. It is one of the best free Windows 10 apps, but you can use it on mobile or mac too.

Audacity – audio recorder and editor


Audacity is one of the best apps for editing audio. It is a great tool for fixing your audio notes, preparing a podcast, recording live and even fixing the audio for videos. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand. You can manage more than one audio track at a time.

VeraCrypt – encryption software


For sure, you have some important business data on your commuter that you want to keep private. VeraCrypt can help you with that. It is an encryption program that can encrypt an entire hard drive, USB or just a partition. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for better security.

PDFCreator – pdf app


PDFCreator is an old, but well-working app. It does exactly what the name suggests – it creates PDFs. You can convert your document or photos to PDF quickly and easily. You can merge various docs and control the security settings. A very useful app.

FreeMind – Mind Mapping Software


We have plenty of ideas, but sometimes it is hard to explain them. FreeMind can help you with that. It is a mind mapping app, that can organize your ideas in a visually pleasing way. Later on you can export the visualization to popular formats like PDF, JPEG, HTML, XML, and others.

Notepad++ – notes


Notepad++ is like Notepad on steroids. It is full of features that make it far better than the regular programs for writing. The size of it is very small, but don’t get it wrong, it is a very good code editor.

MyCollab – project management


MyCollab is a software, suitable for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has 3 modules – project management, customer relationship management, and document creation and editing. It is easy to understand and it is useful for freelancers and small companies.

OBS – Open Broadcaster Software


It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer, a gamer or you just need a screen capture, OBS has got your back. It is great software for video recording and streaming. There are many settings including Source monitor and manager, Scene manager and audio mixer.

1Clipboard – clipboard manager


1Cipboard is a great online and offline clipboard app. You can access everything that you have copied, not only from your current device but from any other computer. It has one neat feature that lets you save favorites and access them directly in the future. You can also take a look at your history board and search for a specific word.

We hope you have discovered some new free apps that will improve your workflow.

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